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L Salamy

Special thx for Dr. Khan as she’s been taking care of my Lupus case since 2015. She has become my no.1 doctor/ friend. Thx u for making me feel so much better and thx u for giving the right medicines, I’m able to live my life as if I have no medical case considered. Xx highly recommended dr.

S Sabiha

I like the way the staff is concerned with my requirements. I would surely recommend the clinic to others.

J Holmes

Wonderful professional staff. From the reception to the doctor you are treated with respect and made to feel very welcome. In this clinic you are much more than a number on a file.

A Tamyaman

Dr Havva is best physiotherapist I have ever seen. She treated all my headache, neck, knee pain. You don’t even have to explain your complaints. She can find your issues on your body at first 5 minutes. You will feel healing at your first session.

A Melhem

Dr. Bhavna Khan is exceptionally excellent and professional Rheumatologist. She’s been my doctor for 2 years and thanks God with her help, I am completely cured. You have been wonderful, caring doctor. No words can express my thankfulness to you and your great staff, but in short, I always felt safe and well taken care of. Special thanks to Nurse Jaq for being nice and helpful person.

U Omran

Full care feeling, I just feel I’m in safe hand while visiting the clinic as we usually are well received, welcomed and get treated with full care. I usually recommend the clinic to all my colleagues.

D Varghese

Dr Bhavna khan is treating my Rheumatoid arthritis for a few years,my condition has improved a lot under her treatment. Thank you Dr and her team for the support

I Thomson

I have been a patient at IRAC since September 2016. During this time the care and understanding I have received has been consistently professional. Staff are friendly and welcoming, Dr Bhavna continuously reviews my wellbeing and keeps me feeling positive. Wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.


Dr. Bhavana is extremely talented Rheumatologist, who understands patient concerns and provide better treatment. She is very patient friendly and is always available for any exigencies.

P Jain

I have been consulting Dr. Bhavna for past couple of years and am very happy with the treatment. She is a genuine and a very warm person who keeps her patients as her top priority. Highly recommend her.

R Agrawal

It is pleasure of every patient to be treated well and In safe hands. Dr. Bhawana is one of a kind whose humble and compassionate nature always helps me to express and receive the right advise. I highly recommend IRAC to get the relevant treatment. Thanks.

T Brent

After years of suffering and never being diagnosed I walked into Dr Khan’s rooms and she immediately knew what was wrong and worked out a treatment plan. She is so kind and caring and knowledgeable. I feel safe under her care.

N Patrick

Dr. Bhavana Khan has done a tremendous job on my Psoriatic Arthritis...which has me living a better quality of life due to her diligent work and care for her patients well being. Her recommendations of medications for my treatment has been so amazing. I thank you Dr.Khan.

P Milne

An excellent rheumatologist who is dedicated to the long term treatment of arthritic patients. Dr Khan has always been available to manage painful events along with a great understanding of medication for optimal relief. Thank you

G Giles

Excellent treatment and good results achieved quickly. Very efficient clinic and would definitely recommend Dr. Bhavna Khan highly to anyone.

H Elbakr

I work in the medical field and I am a rheumatology patient suffrEring from ankylosing spondylitis. I went to many rheumatologists but I never been to such a brilliant, genius physician like Dr. Bhavna, she is different in all aspects. She is the best rheumatologist and physician ever)))

Y wang

I have been with Dr Bhavna for few years now. My condition has been improved and stabilized a lot under her treatment. She is very professional and trustworthy doctor. Whenever you need her even outside of her specialty, she is very helpful. I am very glad to have her as my doctor in Dubai.

E Christine

Have been a patient of Dr. Bhavna for the past 3 years ever since I had been diagnosed with SLE and she has been an understanding and compassionate doctor. Catering and giving attention not only for my medical needs but also for my physical and emotional well being. I would also like to commend her team in the clinic as they also provide the best care and patients are treated as family.

H John

Dr. Khan has been a source of comfort and support since I have been under her care. She has always prioritized my needs and has sought to provide me the best treatment possible.

E Belleza

Dr. Bhavna is highly recommendable and the team is great, excellent service!

W Horsley

I thank Dr Khan for her exceptional care in treating my arthritis.

N Bhatia

I have highly regards for Dr Bhavna Khan who is treating my Rheumatoid Arthritis since last 10-12 years. I believe she is perfect doctor for my chronological desease. She is blessing for my sickness.

A Vaz

I met Dr Khan for my treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis when she first came to American Hospital and I have followed her wherever she went. She has been my Saviour with regards to managing my Rheumatoid Arthritis and keeping me well and positive to face life. She is totally humane and compassionate to her patients and treats you like her own. Does her utmost to bring you back on your feet. You can totally rely on her. I would recommend anyone with Rheumatoid Arthritis to consult her and I assure you she will put you on the right path. God bless her and keep blessing her to continue her ability to heal physically n emotionally. Thank you Dr for your support.

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